Park Ave Storm Gallery
December 29, 2004 -January 05, 2005

Selected photos of our backyard at 621 Park Ave, Prescott, showing results of Winter storms Dec 29-Jan 5, 2004-5.

Click on a photo to see an enlarged view; then press the arrows to move from one to the next.
DCP_2004 DCP_2005 DCP_2006 DCP_2008 DCP_2017
PC290013 PC290015 PC290019 PC290021 PC290024
PC290025 PC290027 PC310031 PC310033 PC310036
P1050019 P1050021 P1050025 P1050022 P1050004
P1050010 P7120037 P1050007 Prescott-SnowDepth-9

Posted January 5, 2005